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Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Deluxe

More about the game

Play Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise! Patrick and Emily are supposed to enjoy their honeymoon, but Emily finds it hard to relax and let other people take care of her. At the same time, Patrick expresses his wish to start a family as soon as possible, while Emily is not sure if she wants the same thing. Will they find a way to be happy? Find out in Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise!
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This is what the game looks like

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More about the game

  • discover an all-new Emily story with this fantastic management game
  • manage different places with Francois, Angela, and your other favourite Delicious characters
  • keep Patrick and Emily happen to earn golden hearts
  • enjoy bonus features like an extra episode, concept art, and a Delicious wallpaper

Requirements to play the full version

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM or more
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • This game works on a touchscreen device or computer with Windows 8.
  • You can't play this game on a mobile phone or a tablet. 

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What our players think of Delicious - Emily's Honeymoon Cruise Deluxe
| Age:48| 15-12-2014
All the delicious Emily game's are awesome an yes I wish they would come out with a lot more of them like seeing paige growing up an her too getting married best game's I ever played an cant wait to see if more of them come out .......... There not hard unless U have them on advanced
| Age:42| 12-12-2014
This is one of my favorite games. I love all the Emily games.
| Age:28| 11-12-2014
Love it, definitely my favorite one! Long play time, not extremely hard but not easy either and love the characters! Was really excited they split up the restaurants so you didn't have to play in 1 for so long! Would definitely recommend it!
| Age:51| 10-12-2014
These are my favorite games, keep up the great work!
| Age:51| 10-12-2014
I've played this one before, and it's not bad but it could use more areas to serve than just that one.
| Age:63| 07-11-2014
I love all the Delicious games. While I did enjoy playing this game, I enjoyed the earlier Delicious games more. They were much more interactive and rewarding, but I did enjoy playing this one as well.
| Age:39| 24-10-2014
Love this game. All of Emily's game are a joy to play. I say this is the best yet. Thanks!
| Age:13| 18-10-2014
i love emily's games. I like the puzzle games, because each one is different !
| Age:15| 11-10-2014
how can i get the full version without buying?
| Age:38| 14-09-2014
I love all delicious Emily game. Please continue to develop with her story.
| Age:34| 24-08-2014
I was getting a bit bored with Emily, but this one was great!
| Age:16| 03-05-2014
i love emily's games they r awesome
| Age:12| 06-04-2014
this game is the best i really love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
| Age:36| 24-03-2014
The gratest of all emily's games, especially the part with the vacation in Greece!!!
| Age:20| 15-02-2014
very good and have fun games very nice
| Age:13| 31-12-2013
This game is cool, i love Emily forever, hope that Emily's Diner Party is coming out this 2014
| Age:67| 27-12-2013
I love all the "Emily" games. I bought this as soon as it was available. One of the great things about "Emily" games is that it takes a lots of hours to play this entire game. I also like all the different locations.
| Age:60| 24-11-2013
love it very good and lots of fun for kids
| Age:56| 13-11-2013
I love all the other Delicious Emily games - especially the last one. This one is fun, I love the story line but way too easy even on the advanced level. I was disappointed that I can win very easily.
| Age:37| 07-11-2013
I love this game and the story is so great, it's almost as good as the story in the Emily game childhood memories! It's funny and original, anyone who loves delicious will love this game! The places you work are really cool too and hopefully the next one is already on the way?
| Age:16| 30-10-2013
veryy niceee gameee yeahhh
| Age:39| 29-10-2013
I absolutely LOVE this game!!!!
| Age:59| 29-10-2013
Really enjoyed the game excellant
| Age:29| 24-10-2013
Nice game.... i like this game ...LOVE
| Age:21| 23-10-2013
| Age:29| 20-10-2013
I purchased this game and compared to the previous Emily games, I found this disappointing.
| Age:36| 18-10-2013
Verryyy EXcellennnntt GAMmmmeeee!!! :DDD im going to download this :) ilove this game!! >O< i already played the others delicious game now a new delicious game hurrayy!!!
| Age:9| 14-10-2013
Nice game! :) I will buy it after a time. :)
| Age:54| 13-10-2013
I like the game but bummed out that it doesn't have a player section!!!!!!!
| Age:12| 13-10-2013
I really love this game, it is full of adventure! Can't wait to try the other episodes.
| Age:9| 11-10-2013
me too, the best games ever!!!LOVE
| Age:53| 11-10-2013
As always, these games are the very best and have everything you've loved about Emily. You will really enjoy this game series. I have season pass, so I've almost finished it and really love the cruise ship. It allows you to do many things and you have fun moving around, playing in a restaurant run by Emily's parents, Angela's clothing store, a beach snack shop, the ship daycare center, a spa run by Brigid, and the pool run by Francois. There are lots of cute things in the game, and you will laugh at Patrick's mom running the spa - she's definitely not a zen lady! At this time, there's a few things wrong with the game, like do not use the piano player to increase tips at the restaurant, but hopefully, they will fix those with a game patch. Definitely buy if you are a fan of time management, and if you haven't tried this type of game before, give it a try. It is not frustrating or stressful, and has great characters you will love!
| Age:57| 06-10-2013
I enjoyed the game very much
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