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Full version: full-screen with no ads, all levels and options, save your game.
Windows 8: this game works on a computer or device with Windows 8.
Glyph 2 Deluxe

Return to the magical world of Kuros in Glyph 2, the challenging sequel to the hit game. As shadows engulf this mystical land, an exile trained in the forces of light and dark is called upon to harness the elements and unleash their powerful energy. Use your puzzle skills to help the last hope of Kuros drive back the forces of darkness. Guide the exile to her destiny. Play now!

Sounds good? Then try the full version of Glyph 2 Deluxe for free now!

Glyph 2 Deluxe features

  • choose between two fun game modes
  • play over 250 challenging levels
  • use the unique power-ups
  • enjoy hours of 3 in a row fun

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