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Double Pack Island Tribe 2 and 3 Deluxe

Enjoy two amazing games for one special price, with Zylom Double Packs! Help the islanders find their new home in Island Tribe 2 Deluxe, a remarkable sequel to the hit game. Help the chieftain find his bride and restore the home of the islanders with Island Tribe 3 Deluxe. Get this Zylom Double Pack today!

Try Double Pack Island Tribe 2 and 3 Deluxe for free - it's safe and simple!

Please note: due to its large file size, this game may take longer than normal to download and install.

Double Pack Island Tribe 2 and 3 Deluxe features

  • Island Tribe 2 Deluxe and Island Tribe 3 Deluxe for one special price
  • costs less than buying the games separately
  • you only have to download one file to play both games
  • Zylom Double Packs mean hours and hours of fun!

Sounds good? Then take advantage of this incredible offer now!

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Games in this Double Pack:

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