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System requirements
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Windows 8: this game works on a computer or device with Windows 8.
Windows game: this game works on a Windows computer.
Mac game: this game works on a Mac computer.
The Timebuilders - Caveman's Prophecy

Start a civilization in The Timebuilders - Caveman?s Prophecy, a resource management game from a different time. The small tribe of Hattie and Touti has lived in the caves for a long time, until one day they find a mysterious egg that tells them to get out of there. Give the tribe a hand by making homes, managing the people, and gathering resources. Play this adventure today!

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The Timebuilders - Caveman's Prophecy features

  • enjoy more than 40 levels of resource management challenges
  • build homes, manage the people, and solve exciting puzzles
  • finish each level in time to add new buildings to your village
  • explore a forgotten time with this fantastic story

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