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Windows 8: this game works on a computer or device with Windows 8.
Finders Deluxe

Play Finders Deluxe and enjoy an exciting and challenging action game! The valiant Altair has been imprisoned by an evil madman, which led to disasters on earth. Together with a group of workers you need to rescue Altair to save the world. An ancient artefact guides the way, but the road is full of dangerous obstacles. Can you clear a path through the wilderness? Play the great Finders Deluxe now!

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Finders Deluxe features

  • brave your way through the wilderness to find and rescue the valiant Altair
  • collect resources, gather food and water, house your workers, and mine gold
  • play 100 challenging missions, and explore and develop four wonderful locations
  • enjoy exciting mini-games, challenging puzzles and 3-in-a-row tasks

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