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System requirements
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Windows 8: this game works on a computer or device with Windows 8.
Windows game: this game works on a Windows computer.
Kingdom Chronicles Deluxe

Play Kingdom Chronicles, and prepare for an epic adventure in this resource management game! When John Brave returns home, he finds the kingdom in the hands of the evil tyrant Moomrabac. Moomrabac overthrew the king, locked the princess away in a tower and is now ruling with an iron fist. Can you help John to save the kingdom? Find out in Kingdom Chronicles!

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Kingdom Chronicles Deluxe features

  • defeat an evil ruler and rescue the princess in this challenging game
  • restore the kingdom within 40 adventurous levels
  • collect as many resources as you can, use them to build and to hire warriors, and defeat your enemies
  • use special skills and artefacts to speed things up

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