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Virtual Families Deluxe

In Virtual Families you have your own little family. Guide its growth in the latest game from the creators of Virtual Villagers - The Secret City. Keep your family performing at their best and feeling great and they will reward you with generation after generation of original fun. Whether your family succeeds or fails is all up to you. Play Virtual Families today!

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Virtual Families Deluxe features

  • nearly endless variety of family members
  • hidden puzzles to solve
  • more than 100 trophies to earn
  • real-time technology - keeps going even if your PC is off!

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| Age: 18 | Added on 25-10-2013
I, personally, love this game. The graphics are pretty good and I like the tone the music sets (not too harsh, but a family-like setting on some TV shows), although sometimes it freezes at the beginning. I like the overall concept of the game and how it relates to us and how you can repeatedly keep the family generations multiplying until you get bored of it. It also gives you a sense of responsibility for your "little people". The game can last as long as your family upholds and this game is suitable for beginners, too, because it helps you get used to it with a tutorial as to how to play. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes looking after people in other games like towns or communities and anyone who likes Tycoon games. I give this a big "thumbs up"! :)
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