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Full version: full-screen with no ads, all levels and options, save your game.
Members only: you have access to this game if you have a FunPass or FunTicket membership.
Windows 8: this game works on a computer or device with Windows 8.
Touchscreen: this game works on a touchscreen device.
2Sudoku Deluxe

Play 2Sudoku, and discover an original new way to play the traditional puzzle game! Each board has two 9x9 grids to fill, instead of the regular one. You need to fill all the separate grids with the red numbers 1 to 9, and do the same with the black numbers. Make sure that no grid has a duplicate number in either red or black. Challenge yourself with 2Sudoku today!

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2Sudoku Deluxe features

  • challenge yourself with 400 different sudoku puzzles
  • choose between four different difficulty settings
  • let the game show you the correct numbers if you can't continue
  • change to colours instead of numbers for an extra challenge

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