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4 Elements

A magic land turns from a thriving place to dark ruins all in one day. Save the ancient kingdom by restoring the power of magic altars dedicated to the elements of earth, fire, air and water. Make matching groups of 3 or more elements in order to unlock the four books of magic. An entire kingdom is depending on you in 4 Elements. Do you have what it takes to save the land?

Play 4 Elements Deluxe for free - it's safe and simple!

4 Elements Deluxe features

  • play over 60 levels
  • enjoy several mini-games
  • get caught up in the intriguing storyline
  • let the beautiful visuel effects put a spell on you

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| Age: 60 | Added on 02-07-2013
I LOVED this game. I played it for HOURS on end (I lost a LOT of sleep, but it was definitely worth it to me). I got it on June 28, 2013 and I finished it on July 2, 2013, playing only in the evenings. The graphics are beautiful, the storyline was enchanting and it definitely is challenging. Until I got into the rhythm of the game, it seemed to go really fast (I thought). Levels 63 and 64 showed me just what fast was. Getting thru the first minute of each of those levels was EXTREMELY CHALLENGING! This one gets two thumbs up. When is the next version coming out?
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| Age: 33 | Added on 08-01-2013
in answer to schbeach, to pause the game press the menu button, hope this is of use to you.
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