Coming Soon

Below are games that we expect to release within the next two weeks. It’s important to understand that game release time frames are subject to change due to various reasons, and that this is not an absolutely comprehensive list. Thus not all the titles we release get to appear in this thread. 

Note that these are the launch dates for FunPass and FunTicket members. Other players will get access to these games 2 weeks later.

10 December – 21 December

Chase for Adventure 3 - The Underworld Deluxe

Games currently expected to be released in the next two weeks:

  • Detective Solitaire Inspector Magic and the Forbidden Magic Deluxe (Card)
  • Phantasmat – Reign of Shadows Deluxe (Hidden Object)
  • Fear For Sale – The Dusk Wanderer Deluxe (Hidden Object)
  • Chase for Adventure 3 – The Underworld Deluxe (Time Management)
  • Solitaire Jack Frost Winter Adventures 2 Deluxe (Card)
  • Christmas Stories – The Gift of the Magi Deluxe (Hidden Object)
  • Gizmos – Spirit of the Christmas Deluxe (Puzzle)
  • Nevertales – Hidden Doorway Deluxe (Hidden Object)


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