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Quick version: free, compact screen, enhanced with ads.
Mac game: this game works on a Mac computer.
Touchscreen: this game works on a touchscreen device.

Release date: 10 January 2012

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Roll the dice and let the classic board game of MONOPOLY bring timeless fun to life like never before. Play the classic game of MONOPOLY you know and love!

Play free in a small screen enhanced with ads.

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What our players think of MONOPOLY
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| Age: 32 | Added on 27-11-2015
It took five tries to beat this game with three computer players set at Entrepreneur level. That sounds about right, since it took quite a few more to beat a similar smart phone app at Medium difficulty. This game does not allow for alternative rules, such as paying taxes and fees into the Free Parking pool, or turning off the auctions. Also, it is the British version of the game, so the names of the properties kind of throw me off, since I'm American.
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| Age: 30 | Added on 15-10-2015
To say that this game is not win-able is not true. I have never lost. If you are a decent player, you should win within 80 minutes. The board is small and the ads are a nuisance, but I love the game. Thanks.
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