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Roll the dice and let the classic board game of MONOPOLY bring timeless fun to life like never before. Play the classic game of MONOPOLY you know and love!

Play free in a small screen enhanced with ads.
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| Age:13| Added on 03-12-2014
love this game
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Zylom moderator | Added on 05-12-2014
| Age:50| Added on 12-08-2014
Excellent PC version of the classic game, but the AI are far too easy to beat. The 'tycoon' Ai was just as easy to beat as the 'first-time buyer'. The Ai for example auctioned Mayfair when it landed there and allowed me to purchase it at M1 despite having M200. The AIs also fail to consider strategy walking around the map with over M1000 and not investing it by trying to trade with other players or building the full range of buildings. The trade offers they make to the player are often very stupid, including offering to purchase Piccadily from me for no more than M230 despite having over M1000 of their own cash and the two other yellow properties (rendering it a suicidal trade for me). With that said, the game does run very smoothly and was fun to play.
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