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System requirements
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Quick version: free, compact screen, enhanced with ads.
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Windows 8: this game works on a computer or device with Windows 8.
Windows game: this game works on a Windows computer.
Mac game: this game works on a Mac computer.
Touchscreen: this game works on a touchscreen device.
Cradle of Rome Deluxe

They say Rome wasn't built in a day. In Cradle of Rome you build this legendary and ancient city in over 100 levels. You become the ruler of the ancient Roman Empire and bring the Roman architecture to life. In level after level your earn the money and resources to bring this vast city of the Ancient World to life. Play this amazing game now and become the best emperor Rome has ever seen!

Play Cradle of Rome Deluxe for free - no obligation to buy!

Cradle of Rome Deluxe features

  • build over 100 beautiful Roman masterpieces
  • play more than 100 challenging levels
  • use 8 original bonuses
  • enjoy a career as emperor of Rome

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What our players think of Cradle of Rome Deluxe
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| Age:77| Added on 20-12-2014
I find this the most intelligent of all the three-in-a-row games I have played. It ranges from a stupidly simple first level to mind-blowing difficulties towards the end (that is, until you've learnt the tricks, which takes time). Highly addictive.
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Zylom moderator | Added on 23-12-2014
| Age:68| Added on 13-09-2014
very addictive ...I spent a gread deal of my time on this game.
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Zylom moderator | Added on 16-09-2014
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