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Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding

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Join Emily for her big day in the full version of Delicious - Emily's Wonder Wedding Deluxe.

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Delicious Super Pack

Would you like to know what happened to Emily in the past? Then we have a unique offer for you: all Delicious games in a Super Pack - for one special price!


What players think of Emily's Wonder Wedding

I tend to play games like Delicious until I finish them so I can see what happens at the end, but this way I get so excited about what next week's episode is going to be! Yay, can't wait 'till next week! - Michelle -

I wish I hadn't played... because now I can't wait until the next episode is ready to play ;) - Jolanda -

I love all the Delicious games; they just keep getting better and better. - Karen -

You guys have such a wonderful game here. No others can come close to being as great as the Emily series. - Melanie -

I am loving this weekly episode stuff. It's like waiting each week to watch my favourite drama. - May -

Great fast-paced game - highly recommend it! - Jane -

I like the idea of weekly episodes. It's something to look forward to! - Angela -