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Vault Cracker - The Last Safe

Release date: 1 January 1970

Take one last daring job in Vault Cracker - The Last Safe Deluxe, a thrilling hidden object mission to rescue a kidnapped son. Melissa decides to take a trip and introduce her son Noah to where she grew up, but that goes horribly wrong when he is kidnapped. Now, in order to free her son, she must take on one last job. But does she still possess the skills to complete the task?

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Vault Cracker - The Last Safe features

  • save Melissa's son in this captivating hidden object challenge
  • outwit foes, crack safes, and keep a low profile from cops
  • customize your character with different outfits to slip past the bad guys
  • enjoy challenging puzzles, entertaining mini-games, and a thrilling storyline

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