I am not receiving newsletters or I am receiving my newsletters in a language which is not my preferred language.

If you're not receiving newsletters, you can subscribe to this free service by going to 'Email Preferences' in 'My Account', tick the newsletter boxes of your choice and save your changes. You need to have a validated email address to receive newsletters. If you don't have a validated email address, you are notified through a red error message above 'Email Preferences' in 'My Account'. In this error message you have the option to re-send the validation email. Please select this option and then click on the link in the validation email you subsequently receive in your inbox. This will validate your email address. This will ensure you receive your newsletters from now on. If you're already subscribed to our newsletters and you have a validated email address, then please contact Customer Support. They will check for the reason you're currently not receiving newsletters and they will make sure that you receive all your newsletters going forward. If you're receiving newsletters in a language that is not your preferred language, please contact Customer Support and let them know which language you would like to receive your newsletters in. They will ensure you receive your newsletters in your preferred language from here on out.

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