What are the FunTicket benefits?

Below you can find more about the advantages of a FunTicket subscription:

Every month 1 game at half price or even less

For a fixed fee, you'll receive one game credit called a FunTicket. You can redeem it for any game on our website, Double Packs and Super Packs excluded. The games you buy are the full versions of games, just like when you buy a game without FunTickets. You can play them full-screen with no ads, and enjoy all levels and options.

Buy any game you want

You can use your FunTickets on any game you like, even brand-new games. We don't have a limited list of games that are part of your subscription; FunTickets can be used on every regular game on our website. We have more than 1400 games to choose from, and we add new games every week.

NEW! Play all games as long and as often as you like

During your FunTicket subscription you can play all our games for as long and as often as you like. You'll no longer be limited by the 60 minute trial time, and you can choose from our entire catalog of games.

The games are yours to keep

If you buy a game on our website, it's yours to keep. It's no different when you use a FunTicket to buy a game. If you ever cancel your subscription, the games will remain registered to your Zylom account, and you'll be able to keep playing them.

Receive a 30% discount on additional game purchases

It could be that you really want to buy a certain game, but you already used your FunTicket for the month, or you just don't want to use your FunTicket yet. No problem! Every FunTicket member automatically receives a 30% discount on any additional game purchase. That includes Double Packs and Super Packs, and even games on sale, like the ones from the Zylom Sales Corner!

Member Only sales

Our FunTicket members are special to us. That's why we're having special Member Only sales several times a year, that non-members don't have access to. During these sales, you'll receive an extra discount on top of your regular discount!

Priority customer support whenever necessary

We have a professional customer support team at your service whenever necessary. As a FunTicket member, your question has the highest priority, so we'll always strive to answer your email within one working day.

More new games per month than non-members

As a FunTicket member, you can use your FunTickets for every new game on the website. Besides that, you also get access to extra launches that regular Zylom players don't have access to.

Play each new game one day before non-members

Our FunTicket members get one day early access to every new game on our website.

Exclusive members only games

Our FunTicket members get access to hundreds of extra games that non-members don't have access to. You can recognise these exclusive games by special stickers on their info pages.

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