What are the FunPass benefits?

FunPass is a subscription for our downloadable games, and works like a library card: you pay a fixed fee per subscription period, during which you can "borrow" (play!) as many games as you like. This means we don't charge anything per game, and you're not buying any games.

And now FunPass also offers you a free monthly credit for a game of your choice. These games are yours to keep, even after cancelling your FunPass subscription.

With FunPass you have access to the full versions of more than 1,500 downloadable games. Downloadable games are games you download and install on your computer, so you can play them full-screen, without ads and in a completely safe online environment on Zylom!

The benefits

  • Download as many games as you like, including new ones each week
  • Play the full versions of the games for as long and as often as you like
  • Enjoy the games full-screen, with no ads
  • Get a free monthly credit for a game of your choice
  • Receive a 30% member discount if you want to buy a game
  • It's safe to download our games on your computer
  • We offer fast and trustworthy support whenever you need it
  • Get exclusive access to hundreds of extra games!

Click here to see our FunPass subscription and the option to order right away.

How do I use FunPass?

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