What is a free monthly game credit and how does it work?

With FunPass, you now get to choose a game for free every month, that's yours to keep! This benefit was added to FunPass at no extra costs for our FunPass players.

What is a credit?
A credit is a kind of voucher that entitles you to a 100% free game of choice. This game is yours to keep, even after your FunPass subscription has ended.

Why do I need credits if I have FunPass?
Games that you 'buy' using your credits are yours to own, even after your FunPass subscription has ended. That means you can keep on playing your favorite games, regardless of whether you still have FunPass!

How do I redeem a credit?
You can exchange this credit for any game you want (not including Double Packs and Super Packs). When you've found a game you want, click on the 'Or buy the game for _ or 1 Credit »' link that is displayed below the big red/brown download button on the game page. If you're not logged in yet, log into your FunPass account. Your credit will automatically appear in your Shopping Cart and the price will change to 0.

When do I get my next credit?
If you just subscribed, you will receive your very first credit as soon as we've received your payment. That may take up to 2 weeks. For every following month, you will receive your credit exactly 31 days after you received your previous credit.

I haven't received my credit(s). What should I do?
We're very sorry to hear that you haven't received your credit(s). Please contact our Customer Support Team and they will make sure your missing credit(s) are added to your account within 1 working day.

How do I know how many credits I have and when they expire?
You can check when your credits have been added in the 'Your credits' box on your FunPass page. This box contains an overview of all your credits, including when they were issued, when they will expire and for which game they were redeemed. Credits expire after 60 days, so make sure to spend them in time. Have fun!

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