Can I play against other players and compare my scores?

We have a special multiplayer section on our website, which allows you to play against or with other players. You can click here to go there.

Our regular online games do not have a multiplayer option (though there are a few exceptions), so comparing scores within the title is not possible. However, you can compare high scores with individual players for specific games. To do this, you need the login name of the player you'd like to compare your scores with.

Follow the instructions as follows:
1) Start any online game
2) Click on the medallion icon at the bottom of the screen
3) Scroll down to the bottom with your own scores
4) Enter a login name beneath 'Compare with other players' and click 'Submit'

The other players' high scores are displayed next to your own for easy comparison. Please note that the screen only shows four games; if you want to compare scores of all online games, click 'show all games' next to 'Personal ratings' at the top of the screen.

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