Which browser should I use to play Zylom games?

If you want to play all our games without any problems, we recommend you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as a browser.

You can click on one of the browsers below to safely install it for free.

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

With the latest updates of the most widely used internet browsers (Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge), the browser providers have decided to no longer support a plug-in software called ActiveX. Unfortunately this plug-in is necessary to play some of our online games. We were not informed before the launch of the new browser versions that ActiveX would no longer be supported. To make these games playable again, we are currently investigating whether we can reprogram them as a long term solution. This will take some time and we cannot give any guarantee or date when this will be case. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our players.

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