My virus scanner tells me there's a virus in the game.

It could be that your security software, such as your virus scanner or firewall, has initiated an automatic update on your computer. Some of these updates wrongfully identify safe files as dangerous. When our server makes contact with your computer to verify your account, the security software may interrupt this connection. This causes our server to believe that you have no Internet connection and therefore the game is unable to start. We guarantee that there are no harmful files in our games, so it's safe for you to briefly turn off your security software during the log in process. You can do this by following these steps:
1) Delete the game you are unable to play. Do this by going to the Start Menu, opening 'Control Panel', choose 'Programs' and then click 'Programs and Features'. You'll see the game displayed in the programs list. Select it and click 'Uninstall'. 

2) Temporarily turn off your firewall and lower your privacy settings to prevent the situation from occurring again. Go to the Start menu and click 'Control Panel'. Now click 'System and Security' and choose 'Action Center', after which you can turn your firewall off.
3) Click her to download the game again and reinstall it.
4) Once you've logged into the game you can turn your security settings back on.

We guarantee that our games will never contain a virus and that it's completely safe to play our games.

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