My virus scanner tells me there's a virus in the game.

We guarantee that our games will never contain a virus, and that it's completely safe to play our games.

McAfee daily checks that our website is safe. You can see if the website's been checked today by the date on the logo on the right of our homepage. The logo shows you that our website is a safe environment which protects your data. It also means that you won't get malware or viruses on your computer if you play games on or download games from our website.

If you want to know more about McAfee, you can click on the logo below to go to their website.

Please note:
It could be that your security software, such as your virusscanner or firewall, has done an automatic update on your computer. Some of such updates wrongfully identify safe files as dangerous.

When our server makes contact with your computer to verify your account, your security software may interrupt this connection, which causes our server to believe that you have no Internet connection and therefore the game won't be able to start.

We guarantee that there are no harmful files in our games, so it's safe for you to briefly turn off your security software during the login process. You can turn it on again after you've logged in to the game. You can also inform the supplier of your security software about the error in their software.

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