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Adelantado Trilogy - Book Three

Play Adelantado Trilogy - Book Three, the final chapter in the fantastic series! Don Diego's adventure comes to an end in this amazing conclusion. There are mysterious creatures in these ancient lands, and Don Diego needs to find the courage and strength to continue his search for the lost expedition. Is our hero brave enough to finish his quest? Find out in Adelantado Trilogy - Book Three!

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Adelantado Trilogy - Book Three features

  • enjoy 10 adventurous chapters and an amazing conclusion in this challenging game
  • explore the land, expand your territory, and defend your settlements
  • construct buildings to collect food, wood, stone, and more
  • look for hidden secrets, find treasure, and help natives out

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What our players think of Adelantado Trilogy - Book Three
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| Age: 49 | Added on 13-05-2014
If you like the other adelantado games you will like this! Basically, you are an explorer who has to find/grow food/wood/silver etc, and secrets, although the secrets are not necessary to play the game. There are 10 levels, plus the conclusion. The earlier, easier levels take me about 10 minutes - the 10th takes me about an hour. You can save during a level. There are various levels of difficulty - the easiest does not have a time to beat - useful when you are learning the secrets, the harder ones add to the storyline, from what I can tell, not having played them!!!. I have played it several times (always easiest!!!) but it is still enjoyable every time. If I did not have fun pass, I would think about buying it!!!
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