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Save big every month!

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Don't want to wait for special offers to buy that game you like?

Then you should definitely check out our FunTicket membership! For a fixed fee per month as of €5.99, you receive one FunTicket, which you can redeem for any game you like. This means a discount of up to 80% per game, and you can keep the games forever!  Interested? Choose your subscription and try it first for 1 week - for free!

The FunTicket benefits

  • Choose a game to own every month
  • 30% discount on any other game
  • Games you choose to own are yours to keep
  • Play the full version of each game you choose
  • Choose from our entire catalogue
  • Access to exclusive FunTicket games
  • Free 1-week trial - cancel anytime
  • And more exclusive member benefits!

In short: FunTicket is a subscription that allows you to buy your favourite games with huge discounts - every month!

Please note: FunTicket is automatically renewed at the end of each subscription period. If you want to cancel, you can do this through "My details".  You pay the total price for one subscription period upfront, in one payment. E.g. if you choose a FunTicket membership for three months, you pay €23.97 in one payment. That's the equivalent of three times €7.99, which is your entire payment for three months.