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Full version: full-screen with no ads, all levels and options, save your game.
Classic game: this game is still extremely popular on our website.

Release date: 4 July 2005

We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we'll no longer be able to offer this game as of 12-06-2016. Please note that we're working hard to find and create even better games!

If you've purchased the game, you can always download it again by logging in and going to "My account". If you haven't bought the game, it's no longer possible to buy it or play it with FunPass.

If you have any questions or concerns, you're always welcome to contact us.
What our players think of Chuzzle
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| Age: 33 | Added on 24-01-2016
fun cute game this one I gotta say...hav had hours of playtime on here with those fuzzy squeaky balls...its quite fun as the eyes follow the cursor round the screen too...
| Age: 57 | Added on 12-03-2014
I love Chuzzle Deluxe Game and you will too. This game is fun, relaxing, exciting all the time. The fluff balls have great colors and there comes sometimes a huge fluff ball which I like to run him into the top,bottom or sides of the screen just to hear him groan:)Some times one lock or more locks on the fluff balls row or rows which you need to break the lock.If you cannot figure out how to do anything on Chuzzle Deluxe there is hints to help you.Great way for a child to learn colors as well.It is awesome this game and so is ZYLOM Games for a great price on this game.Enjoy it like I do
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