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Party games



When you click the button above, we'll ask you to log in on Zylom to play this game. Please note that if this is the first time you're playing a multiplayer game, we'll also ask you to choose a name to display within the game.

Play Backgammon, a fun and fast-paced party game! To win this multiplayer game you have to remove your checkers from the board before your opponent does. At the start of the game all the pieces are pre-arranged on the board. While the game advances you can hit or block your opponent's checkers. Try this challenging game now!


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The benefits of our multiplayer games

  • chat and play at the same time
  • win many different prizes
  • collect as many coins as possible
  • enjoy hours of gaming fun
Objective of the game:

The objective of the game is to be the first player to bring your fifteen stones to the other side and take them out of the game. The player that does this first, wins the game.


1. At the start of the game, both players roll one dice. The player with the highest number may start the game.

2. After rolling the dice, the player can move his stones according to the number on the dice. Make sure that the players walk in different directions.

3. When you throw two equal numbers the roll will count double and you will be able to play this roll twice.

4. When you are not able to move a stone during your turn, you will skip the turn.

5. The player will only be able to move a stone to a free space, or a space that already contains stones from that player.

6. The player is also allowed to move a stone to a space that only contains one stone of the opponent. The stone of the opponent will be topped and removed from the game.

7. Stones that have been removed can be brought into play again from the home side of the opponent, before the game continues.

8. The player may start to remove stones when all stones are played to the home side of the player.