🫶This International Women’s Day we’re highlighting strong, inspirational female characters, breaking stereotypes, and empowering women! Let’s come together to honor the significant influence these 5 women have wielded in our Zylom Premiere Exclusive Time Management games.🫶





Dr. Amy Cares (Dr. Cares)

Engage in Dr. Cares – Family Practice Deluxe, where the spotlight is on veterinarian Dr. Amy Cares, a passionate caregiver for animals. Tend to ponies, kittens, and even dolphins as you help Amy navigate family drama. Join her journey of tough decisions and compassionate care in a game that echoes the resilience and strength of remarkable and talented women.


Play Dr. Cares – Family Practice Deluxe





Emily O’Malley (Delicious)

Emily is an entrepreneur, a tireless worker, a wife, a mother, a world-class chef, and a best friend! For years, players have followed her inspiring journey from a small-town girl with big dreams to an icon of women in casual games. Eventually, she’d even open the doors for more new strong female characters to star in their own games! Follow her journey to opening her first restaurant in Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden!


Play Delicious – Emily’s Tea Garden





Dr. Allison Heart (Heart’s Medicine)

Celebrate strong and diverse women with Dr. Allison! As a dedicated doctor at Little Creek Hospital, she consistently surpasses expectations in aiding her patients. While the hospital life may pose challenges, Allison remains resolute in giving her utmost and persevering through any difficulties! Indulge in the thrilling highs and lows of hospital drama in Heart’s Medicine – Season One Remastered Edition


Play Heart’s Medicine – Season One Remastered Edition





Jackie Johnson (Detective Jackie)

Detective Jackie harnesses keen powers of observation and embodies the strength and determination befitting International Women’s Day. Take charge as Detective Jackie in this story-driven Time Management game to uncover the truth behind a devastating murder. Utilize your expert investigative skills in Detective Jackie – Mystic Case Deluxe


Play Detective Jackie – Mystic Case Deluxe






Elena Morgan (Elena’s Journal)

Embark on a journey with Elena, the determined protagonist of Elena’s Journal – Unfinished Expedition Deluxe, as she emerges as an aspiring archaeologist. In her quest to unveil the mystery surrounding her father’s demise, Elena sifts through layers of lies and buried secrets, showcasing the tenacity of strong women in the face of adversity. Journey to the City of the Amazons, where hidden secrets await revelation!


Play Elena’s Journal – Unfinished Expedition Deluxe






🚺🫶There are so many more inspiring female characters to discover, many of whom star in their own games!🫶🚺

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