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Delicious - Emily's Big Surprise

Delicious - Emily's Big Surprise
Emily is acting very mysteriously and is keeping a secret from her family. Patrick thinks he knows what's going on and is determined to surprise Emily.

Installing your game

Depending on your computer and browser, you can follow these steps to download and install the game:

1. You may have to click 'run' or 'save' first. If you save the file first, you can then locate it on your computer (it's most likely to be on your desktop) and double-click the game icon.
2. If you get a 'User Account Control' message, please click 'yes' or 'continue'. You may have to click 'run' again.
3. Choose your preferred installation options.
4. You may then see a screen with an ad. Click 'next' to download the game to your computer.
5. The game will automatically be installed after downloading.
6. You're now ready to play the game!


If you experience any problems while downloading or installing your game, please go to our help pages.